Nosler .260 Remington 120 Grain E-Tip Brass


Loaded into high-quality reloadable Nosler 260 brass, this is premium lead-free Rifle Ammo for big-game hunting. Nosler cartridges are carefully manufactured to meet the exacting quality control standards that have made them a leader in the market. If you’ve got a .260 Rem. that you’re taking out on your next hunt, this ammo will perform under even the harshest conditions.
Nosler’s E-Tip (Expansion Tip) solid copper-alloy bullets meet all lead-free hunting regulations or for hunters who choose nontoxic to avoid lead contamination. The boat tail (BT) design is a classic for long-range performance and accuracy. True flight, deep penetration, and uniform expansion come from the OD green polymer tip. The exclusive Expansion Control Ring (ECR) ensures that same expansion at the longest ranges you could reasonably be shooting at in the field. The trademarked Energy Expansion Cavity has incredible stopping power while still maintaining 95%+ weight retention. Terminal performance is the most important concern when choosing a hunting round, and Nosler has engineered these E-Tip cartridges to meet that crucial need.
As always, Nosler consistently loads uniform powder loads into their high-quality headstamped reloadable brass. Every single cartridge is visually inspected and polished before going out to customers, every time


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