250 Rounds of 20ga – 2-3/4″ – Ammo by Winchester – 7/8 ounce – #8 shot

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Quantity – 25 rounds per box, 10 boxes per case
Manufacturer – Winchester
Load – 2-3/4″ #8 7/8oz

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Without practice, it is impossible to achieve perfection. The Winchester 20 gauge 2-¾ #8 shotshell is the ideal training load for clay target shooters of all levels looking for an economic, yet high performance solution to their everyday range training needs.

Aluminum heads make for a more cost effective solution over traditional brass heads, and will not oxidize in humid conditions as do softer metals. The chilled tower shot dropped lead makes for a perfect spherical formation of the #8 shot, and is critical in forming a dense, accurate shot pattern once leaving the barrel.

Accurate out to ranges of 25 yards and beyond, the Winchester 20ga 2-¾ #8 shotshell is a solid choice for skeet, sporting clay, and trap shooters in need of a high volume ammunition without all the necessary costs. For clay target enthusiasts looking to elevate their game and begin competing at the competitive level, the Winchester 20ga 2-¾ #8 shotshell is the perfect solution.

1 review for 250 Rounds of 20ga – 2-3/4″ – Ammo by Winchester – 7/8 ounce – #8 shot

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    Gorgeous your services are,stuffs are of best quality and sealing of orders perfectly done. Thanks for the good work

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